The #1 Best Mobile Scooter Repair In Los Angeles County

When your bike isn’t operating properly, then call us…your Mobile Scooter Repair experts. We offer door-to-door service where we pickup your bike throughout Los Angeles County, and we also offer drop off service if needed.

Bring Your Bike To Our Scooters Repair Shop

The average mobile scooter guy will mainly do routine maintenance at your home or business, but we operate a little differently. We do more than just routine maintenance. In fact, we do every repair that you can imagine on a scooter. And to clarify…we do not fix your bike at your location. Instead, are mobile and we are willing to pick up your bike and we bring it to our scooters repair shop in Pasadena CA. This is where we have all of our tools, equipment, and replacement parts and fluids to service your motor bike properly. We also have drop off service available.

Offering Mobile Scooter Repair For Your Convenience!

The Elite Among Mobile Scooter Mechanics

We are among the elite of mobile scooter mechanics in Los Angeles. We’ll go beyond your requests and inspect the bike to ensure that it is safe and in proper running order. Sometimes this means that we’ll uncover additional issues, but most of the time we give you reassurance that everything looks great. We’re knowledgeable and professional, and we’ll work quickly to return your bike so that you can be out on the road enjoying it.

Searching to Repair Scooter Near Me?

So when you’re online searching for “repair scooter near me“, we hope to be your top choice for service. We value you as a customer, and we’ll do everything within our power to keep you coming back to us each and every time you need any kind of service. We stand by our work and guarantee our work, services, and parts. And for those who we haven’t yet met…we look forward to meeting you very soon. And for those of you who keep coming back time after time, thank you so much for making us your absolute go-to destination for all of your scooter servicing needs. We truly appreciate it!

If you have a Vespa or any other type of scooter, I strongly recommend Scooter Doc! Rich is always thorough, knowledgeable, and professional. 

I have a Honda Metropolitan, and I used to try to do simple maintenance on my own. But now I just bring it to Rich- I trust him to do a great job at fair price, and he works quickly, so its convenient.

– Lisa T, Pasadena CA [Yelp Review]

Rich has been my Vespa Doctor for 5 years. This week at the 4K mileage mark he went through my precious scooter and transformed it. Instead of simply a tuneup Rich brought it back to life. He isn’t just a doctor he’s a magician.


– Patricia G, Los Angeles CA [Yelp Review]

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