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Finding a reliable Chinese Scooter Repair in Los Angeles can be difficult? There are countless manufacturers, and every bike is different. This makes serving these bikes more difficult. However, we’ve been servicing scooters here in LA for over 15 years. We’re the best in all of LA County. Give us a call–Today!

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A buddy of mine who owned a cell phone repair business explained to me how difficult it was to keep up with every model of phone that came out every year. Each phone, and in my case, each bike, requires an entirely different process to do simple repairs and even routine maintenance. This is why not all shops choose to work on Chinese scooters. The difficult part of working with scooters from China is that there are so many different manufacturers. This can cause problems because each manufacturer builds bikes slightly different. But we can help. We’ve been repairing scooters for years, and we’ve seen everything. Call us to schedule a time to bring in your bike.

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As we explained earlier, not all shops will work on your bike. Another reason why some shops shy away from servicing bikes like yours is because parts are difficult to find. Large part suppliers regularly carry parts for Hondas, Yamahas, Vespas, and other big named brands like Suzuki, but Chinese parts are not so readily available. In fact, sometimes we have to order parts directly from China, and this almost always upsets clients. So please allow me to apologize in advance. Available parts and the cost of parts are the few things that are simply out of my control. Thank you for understanding.

Want to see our facility for yourself? Then come into our Chinese scooter repair shop located in Pasadena CA.

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Since there are tons of different Chinese scooter manufacturers out there, and each model requires a different process to repair them, you’re going to need somebody reliable who knows what they’re doing. That’s when our years of experience comes into play. We’ve been repairing bikes here in the greater Los Angeles for over 15 years. And we’ve been doing repair and mechanic work well before that. Bring your bike on by our shop. We’re passionate about scooters and we’re here to help you in any way that we can–even if you decide not to do business with us. That’s fine too. At the very least drop on by and say “hello”!

Rich was willing to check out my Lance scooter which was already a huge plus since he specializes in Vespas. He picked it up for a reasonable price (another plus!) and came very quickly after I’d called. Before leaving, he asked about some history on the scooter and gave me some tips to keep it running well and on what repairs could help avoid more costly service in the future.

The issue with my scooter appeared to be a result of some mishandling in the past, so unfortunately it had to go back to the shop where it was serviced before. Still, Rich offered to transport it himself and took care of contacting the old shop to confirm that they could fix it. His service lives up to all the great reviews even though it wasn’t an issue he could resolve. I haven’t worked with any other place that goes out of the way to ensure anyone doing business with them has a good experience.


– Matt Farina [Google Review]

I had some questions about some sounds in my muffler and called Rich from the other side of country. Told him my situation, even though I am on the side of the country he took my call asked good questions and called me back after he found a parts dealer online. He helped me locate a muffler and gave me some great advice about taking care of my ride and my safety. First rate guy.

– Jon Frye [Google Review]

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