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ScooterDoc specializes exclusively in Vespa Repair LA. With a combined 100, 5-Star Reviews, throughout the internet…it’s no wonder that clients often tell us the bike now runs “Better Than New”.

“LA’s #1 Scooter Repair Shop w/100 Combined, 5-Star Reviews, Online”

Looking For A Reliable Vespa Repair LA Mechanic?


Rich, owner of ScooterDoc, brings a refreshing breath of fresh air to the scooter scene in LA. Mobile scooter mechanics in Los Angeles are servicing bikes in a way that’s an absolute disservice to the bike’s owner. Some are doing maintenance on bikes that completely ignore common practice (and even common sense). But you wont find that at Rich’s shop. There you will find that he takes extreme care in handling your treasure, and he goes well beyond what’s expected to ensure that the bike is functioning at its highest potential. His advanced knowledge with scooters allows him to troubleshoot and locate the cause of the worst issues. He is capable of doing the most complex tasks like rebuilding engines, and he uses nothing but the best parts. Bring your bike by and pay us a visit…even if it’s just to say “hi”!


Transportation Pickup and Drop Off Available Throughout LA

Celebrating 15 Years Of Superior Vespa Scooter Service


ScooterDoc is locally owned and operated by Rich, a Military Veteran and life long resident of Southern California. He opened his doors back in May of 2004, 15 years ago. Since then he has treated clients and their bikes like royalty. It’s common for clients to rave that the bike runs better than new once he finishes working on it. Rich has his own 36-point inspection where he’s scans and inspects areas of the bike beyond a simple oil change or tune up, because he keeps finding bikes with issues like hand tightened screws or bikes with the wrong oil placed inside. Call Us First! We’ll treat both you and your ride like members of the family!


Here’s A List of Common Vespa Scooter Repair Maintenance Services That We Offer:


Regular Routine Scheduled Maintenance

Insurance Work On Crashed or Damaged Vespas

All Tire Replacement Service

Engine Replacements

High Performance Kit Installation For Transmission and Chassis

Full Body Paint and Restoration


We’re The “Go To” Vespa Shop To Many of Hollywood’s Elite


We also regularly get called upon by Hollywood celebrities, directors, and producers when they need their Vespa serviced by the best.

We prefer not to share names, but this bike came into our doors recently. Perhaps you can guess which television show this bike owner was associated with (see photo). But you don’t need superstar status to be treated like a V.I.P. here.

We’ll give you the red carpet treatment when you bring your scooter to be serviced by the best Vespa repair shop in Los Angeles. We have the most 5 Star reviews around!


We Only Use The Highest Quality Parts & Materials To Service Every Vespa


Vespa scooters are meant to be prized and cherished, which is why we only use the hight quality parts, like NKG Spark Plugs, and the highest grade synthetic oils recommended in the Vespa Service Manual.

We’re military veterans and we are very much by the book. We stick to every detailed recommendation outlined by the manufacturer to ensure that your bike has a long prosperous life. And you can rest assured knowing that your bike will be returned better than how it arrived.


Our Promise:


You will not find the same level of delicate care or attention to detail anywhere in Southern California, and we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our services.


No Matter Your Vespa Need,
We Got You Covered!


Hollywood regularly calls on us to provide Vespas scooters for photo shoots and commercial advertisements. This is a shot from a Capital 1 photos shoot in LA on April 17, 2019. They were using the same blue scooter that you’ll see in additional photos on the website. We truly are the ones to call for all of your Vespa needs. Pick up the phone and reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you!


“Great service by Rich! I purchased an inoperable 2009 Vespa from a friend and Rich did the tricks needed to get my new toy up and running! He is an expert at communicating options and estimates. I live very far from Pasadena where his shop is but I will bring it back there for an oil change and for any other service needed. It was very nice to find this joint. When the work was done he made the 36 mile drive to me and delivered my “like new” Vespa! He was very thorough in explaining the mechanics and informing me. I recommend!”

– Bridgette R. of Torrance, CA [Yelp Review]

“Having just moved across the country my Vespa was not starting and I needed help fast. A  fellow Vespa owner friend of mine in L.A. was not happy with the service options there so I decided to give Scooter Doc a call and he was right on it with a house call and all! He got my Vespa running in no time and taught me more about my bike than anyone ever did with all the servicing I had in Brooklyn. I can’t recommend Rich enough.  I am confident you will get expert service at a GREAT price and the fact that he makes house calls and/or can pick your bike up, makes it a no brainer to give him a call, I promise, you will not be disappointed.”

– Mary K. of Pasadena, CA [Yelp Review]

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