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According to some of our clients, other Vespa mechanics are doing some pretty sketchy stuff out there. Clients tell us that bikes are being tipped onto its side to drain out the oil. This puts your bike at risk of being scratched or damaged. Without draining the oil properly the scooter is left with old, thick, oil still in the motor.

We’ve also heard that puddles of oil are being spilled onto driveways, and that old oil is being poured into plastic bags. This is an absolute health code violation, not to mention harmful to the environment. There’s no telling where those plastic bags of oil are being thrown away.

Hello, my name is Rich and I am the owner of ScooterDoc. I am a Military Veteran, and a lifelong resident of Southern CA. I know that when your bike leaves the shop it will ride much like it did the day you first purchased it. I only use the highest quality fluids and parts, (original whenever possible), to ensure that you can enjoy your ride for years to come.


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Over 21 Years of Superior Vespa Service


Want to know what keeps happening almost weekly? Bikes rolling into the shop deader than disco! But don’t fear. If anyone can resurrect that ride of yours, it’s yours truly. However, there’s a sinister reason behind why this keeps happening. It’s the oil!

There’s thick, gloomy sludge lingering in the motor even after my customer has had the oil changed by another mechanic, or car motor oil being used as a substitute for a scooter engine. The fix? Simple! Only take your scooter to a top-notch VespaĀ mechanic you can trust.

Nobody has been exclusively servicing scooters here in LA County longer than I have. Two decades strong, baby! How, you ask? By treating each bike like my own and each customer like a long-lost cousin at a family reunion.

ScooterDoc Owner Rich

Over 21 Years of Superior Scooter Service


One occurrence I keep seeing more frequently these days is Vespas coming in completely dead. Of course, that is not a problem. If anyone can bring your scooter back to life it’s me. However, my concern is the reasons why they keep coming in dead. The common issue with these dead scooters seems to be the oil. There’s either thick dark oil left in the motor even after my customer has had the oil changed by another mechanic, or car motor oil being wrongfully used as a substitute for a scooter engine. The way to avoid both of these situations is simple. Use a quality scooter service expert from the get go.

Nobody has been exclusively servicing scooters here in LA County longer than I have. I have only been able to remain in business for over two decades because I treat each bike like I would my own, and I treat every customer as if you were family.

Vespa Restoration

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Your buddies over here at ScooterDoc can do just about anything for your scooter. We’ll take care of all of your routine maintenance. We do oil changes, we change filters, we’ll change the tires, spark plugs, and batteries. We’ll even change the bumper sticks on it if you want us to.

Unlike these mobile mechanics, we do all the hard stuff. If your scooter shows no signs of life, then we will troubleshoot it for you. If your scooter is making clanking noises like the machines in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, then give us a call. If your bike has been in an accident, then we’ve got you covered. We are Vespa restoration experts and we’ll work with your insurance company to bring it back to life.

No matter what your scooter needs rest assured that it’s in good hands. (We also wash our hands.)

Some Of Our Highest Demand Services:


Vespa Maintenance

Scooter Maintenance

We provide routine maintenance and scooter tune up services to keep your bike performing at peak levels at all time.

Vespa Repairs

Scooter Engine Repair

We provide scooter engine repair services. We can locate any engine issue and fix it to factory specifications.

Vespa Tire Repair

Scooter Tire Repair

Need scooter tires? We are a scooter tire repair shop. We specialize in replacing your old tires with new ones.

Vespa Restoration

Scooter Restoration

We provide complete scooter restoration, including body work and engine work, to restore the bike to like-new condition.

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“Helpful, knowledgeable, professional, and a great guy to talk to. I got some important poiners from my conversation with Rich. Couldn’t be happier with the service here. ScooterDoc is now my go-to place anytime my Vespa needs a little TLC.”

“Met with Rich and he checked out my bike as it would stall when stopped at a light trying to gas it. Sure enough he found issues and noticed my fuel injector was installed improperly, then proceeded to reinstall the part. It was clear to me the previous mechanic was not nearly as competent or dedicated to providing excellent and professional work like Rich, I’ll be coming back to him for any work needed on my ride. šŸ›µ”

“This is the Vespa service shop for the San Gabriel Valley. Rich handled my Vespa repairs, service like he would be working on his own bike. Most importantly, I scooted away believing that Rich is very capable and knowing about my Vespa. I will continue to return for future service. I trust him and his work.”

This is the guy you have to see for your Vespa needs. Awesome respectful fast service. Rich is the kind of person you want to trust your bike. We are very happy with the work done. Our daughter’s ET4150 is a different bike now. He advised clearly on what needed to be done, gave us fair estimate and the turnaround was super fast. If you want quality, knowledgeable and honest service for a fair price, call Rich.


While other scooter service centers are hand-tightening parts that could fall off while you ride, putting your life in risk, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We stick to every recommendation outlined by the manufacturer to ensure your safety and to ensure that your bike has a long prosperous life.

When we service your scooter, then you can expect your bike to be returned better than how it arrived. You will not find the same level of delicate care or attention to detail anywhere in Southern CA. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our services.

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